what are “bumpsales”?

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably supporting a fundraising campaign or promotion that mentioned the word “bumpsale”. You’ve come to the right place to learn about bumpsales.

The short version of what we do:

Bumpsale is a dynamic e-commerce processing service for online sellers and fundraisers. Our service is used by founders, online course sellers, bootstrappers, nonprofits, content creators, e-book sellers, bands and brands.

We provide a stand alone button that automatically increases (bumps) pricing after each purchase.

Our service is near transparent to both the buyer and seller; meaning if we’re doing our job right, there’s no change in the way 99% of online transactions are done. Our service happens securely and in real-time on behalf of the seller.

As a buyer or supporter of a Bumpsale campaign, you can rest easy that Bumpsale will never communicate with you in any manner. Like eva ever. We don’t spam or share information with any third parties. All transactions are securely processed by Stripe.com.

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