Cumulative. Community. Commerce.

Bumpsale allows you to sell or raise money at the most accessible and affordable starting amount while earning a joyful cumulative revenue with our easy-to-use, automagically incrementing, dynamic pricing e-commerce button widget.

Engage and excite your community with a special Bumpsale button powered campaign for your next online course, fundraising event, bundle promotion, streaming event ticket sale or crowdfunding project!

How Bumpsale Works

Connect Your Stripe Account

If you don’t have a Stripe account, don’t worry, it’s free to signup and incredibly easy to create one. Stripe will be the secure payment processor for all transactions.

Create Your Bumpsale Button

Once logged in, it takes less than 2 minutes to create your first Bumpsale button. No coding experience necessary.

Add Bumpsale Code

We give you a simple piece of Javascript to add to your existing website. Once you’ve come up with the text and layout for your sales page, You paste the Javascript code we provide where you want the Bumpsale button to show up and you’re ready to sell!

In the video below, Jason Zook of Wondering Aimfully walks you through setting up your first Bumpsale

Who is Bumpsale For?

People With Existing Products and an Audience

Although you can use Bumpsale to sell some physical products like merch, Bumpsale excels at helping you sell more digital products and services. This could be an e-book, online course, a pay-per-view streaming event, cooking class or online fundraising campaign.  Create a button, add it to your page, and you’re off! 

Just like any offer, you need customers. If you’ve already got a community or customer base (or a non spammy way to reach buyers), Bumpsale is a great way to promote that next product launch, promotional bundle, non-profit donation drive or even a community powered crowdfunding campaign with a fun merch capsule as a perk!

Existing (or new) Stripe Users

You don’t have to be an existing Stripe user, but you do need to be able to sell using Stripe with Bumpsale.

Stripe is the secure payment processor for all Bumpsale transactions.

Folx Who are Ready to Sell

Bumpsale buttons are just that, buttons.

Buttons for digital sales, buttons for crowdfunding, buttons for fundraising, buttons for online course sales.

You provide the sales page and website and we’ll provide our dynamic buy now button that automatically increases prices an incremental amount (that you control) after each sale.

Let's Run Some Numbers

Bumpsale Calculator

Bumpsale pricing can generate an awesome amount of revenue very quickly! See for yourself:


(Final price would be $119.00)

Keeping Track of the Numbers

Bumpsale provides button analytics to show you how many people have clicked your button and how many completed a purchase and your total gross sales.

Countdown Timer

Bumpsale adds a little extra urgency with a friendly timer on the checkout page to help nudge your customers along.

Limited Offers & Unlimited Potential

Bumpsale allows you to automatically end your campaign after a specific number of sales or on a specific date and time.

Or you can keep your Bumpsale button active as long as you want to allow people to keep supporting when they can and for as high as someone is able to pay!

Bumpsale is a genuine game changer, hands down best engagement we've seen on an offer. We did a month's worth of revenue in 20 hours using Bumpsale! It just works for activating an audience and inciting action.

-Liam V,

Ready To Get Started?

See Bumpsale in action live and help raise money for Free BIPOC Therapy
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