Bumpsale allows you to sell affordably and earn joyfully!

Bumpsale allows you to sell or raise money at the most accessible and affordable starting amount while earning a joyful cumulative revenue with our easy-to-use, automagically incrementing, dynamic pricing e-commerce button widget.

Whether you’re selling e-books, a special online course, streaming event tickets, an amazing bundled offer or looking for a highly engaging, progressive crowdfunding or non-profit fundraiser, the Bumpsale method is more than just a pricing strategy; it’s a shift towards a more equitable and community driven way of buying and selling online.

When you setup your Bumpsale campaign e-commerce button and copy & paste a few lines of code into your existing website and launch your campaign, your community will love the ultra affordable way to support your product, project or service.

Bumpsale version 1 was created in 2008 by Jason Zook. Bumpsale version 3.000 by Rodney Blackwell.

See Bumpsale in action live and help raise money for Free BIPOC Therapy
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